Enershare will participate in the Brazilian energy storage market conferences!

Categories:News Author: Time of issue:2023-08-14-01

SpeakerAdam Hancock, Director UK & Europe

Location: Auditorium The smarter E South America (red Pavilion)

Date: Tuesday, August 29

Time: 2:00-4:00 pm


August 29São Paulo--Adam Hancock, Director UK & Europe will represent Enershare Technology to participate in the Brazil Energy Storage Market Conference, discussing and promoting the development of Brazil's energy storage field with industry experts and leading companies.


In this conferences, Adam Hancock will deliver a speech on "Making Batteries Affordable for All". Adam Hancock will share the latest developments Enershare has made in the field of energy storage, as well as the company's innovative efforts in research and development. The presentation will also discuss the opportunities and challenges of the energy storage market in Brazil, as well as the cooperation and support that Enershare is willing to bring to this market.


Enershare's energy storage solutions have been widely used around the world, and have made outstanding achievements in the energy field of many countries. Enershare is committed to providing customers with efficient, reliable and sustainable energy storage solutions to help achieve the goal of popularization of clean energy and sustainable development.


At the same time, Adam Hancock will communicate with experts and entrepreneurs from all over the world, share experiences and insights, and demonstrate the application cases of Enershare's energy storage technology in the energy industry.


In general, Brazil is an emerging energy market with great potential, and Enershare is full of confidence in its future development. Enershare will continue to actively promote the innovation of energy storage technology, participate in it with the latest energy storage technology and solutions, contribute to the sustainable energy development in Brazil, and contribute to the global energy transformation.


Anywhere needs energy, Enershare right here!