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Enershare will be successfully reached a cooperation with MMP company Indonesian.

Categories:Company News Author: Time of issue:2023-08-01-09
On July 28,2023, Enershare, as an integrated production supplier focusing on reliable and customized lithium battery modules and integrated energy storage systems, has established a partnership with Indonesian MMP company.

Taking advantage of MMP's resource integration in Indonesia will help Enershare provide a full range of support and services and enhance market competitiveness.


This cooperation may also bring about a win-win result, as Enershare's advanced technology is expected to provide MMP companies with more environmentally friendly and efficient energy supply, thereby improving their service quality and business efficiency.

Enershare always focus on strengthening awareness of high-quality service, apart from that, bringing much nutritious stuff and a fresh outlook to us.

In the future, Enershare will continue to seek cooperation with outstanding companies around the world. Enershare will also gain insight into market changes, seize opportunities, thrive in a challenging market, and better provide users with more timely, professional, and effective services and supports. Enershare will continue to take root in the fertile soil of the industry and plan for a new future.

Anywhere needs energy, Enershare is here!