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Warmly welcome Bangladeshi client discussing further long strategy cooperation between Enershare

Categories:Company News Author: Time of issue:2023-08-15-10

Enershare, specializing in reliable and customized lithium battery modules, battery systems and large-scale integrated energy storage systems, is honored to welcome customers from Bangladesh.

We built a long cooperation in local such as lithium batteries replacing lead-acid batteries, tricycle batteries, and future local production and sales of batteries in Bangladesh.


Enershare has long been a driving force in advancing clean energy solutions, visiting by customers from Bangladesh provided a valuable opportunity to network and explore potential partnerships. Thanks for strongly clients' trust through the sea and distance.



In addition,  Enershare  will set up the business in Bangladesh, which will bring more infrastructure construction and employment opportunities to the local area. At the same time, the innovative energy solutions provided by Enershare are conducive to the establishment of a mutually beneficial and win-win partnership between the two parties.


Finally, Enershare demonstrates how a battery system can greatly improve the performance and efficiency of a three-wheeler, providing a more reliable and economical mode of transportation while contributing to a cleaner urban environment.


Enershare looks forward to closer collaboration with the world, working together to create a brighter tomorrow for the clean energy sector.


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