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Win-win cooperation, new energy future: customers' optimism and expectations for the new energy indu

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Mali, "a forgotten corner of the world" is also the cradle of West African culture. Travel through the time tunnel and experience the spiritual journey brought by top-down overlooking.


Around Christmas, we had the privilege to visit customers in Mali and gain an in-depth understanding of their expectations and prospects in the new energy field.


After in-depth communication, Our client is very optimistic about the new energy storage system. We learned that they are full of confidence in the prospects of the new energy industry. Particularly for solar and energy storage systems, Our client sees this as not only an environmentally friendly choice but also an ideal solution in terms of improving energy reliability and reducing energy costs. They expressed high expectations for the continued innovation of renewable energy technology and were optimistic about the future development of this field.


Enershare in Mali (1).jpg

Our client expressed that they are looking forward to future cooperation with us. On their farms, solar and energy storage systems will be key to improving efficiency and sustainability. They look forward to integrating more new energy technologies through our professional services and high-quality products to meet their diverse energy needs.


In addition to business cooperation, we would also like to thank our customers for their warm hospitality in the orchard. I tasted the delicious local fruits and got a deeper understanding of the customers' lives and culture. This visit is not only a business exchange but also a mutual learning between cultures.


We look forward to more in-depth cooperation with our client in the future and jointly creating a bright future in the new energy field.

FinallyThanks to our sales engineers #Pony and Sylvia Zhu for their hard work, using their professional product knowledge and systematic clean energy solutions to solve the electricity needs of customers and provide a steady and efficient supply of electricity.


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