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Warmly welcome Netherlands customers to visit Enershare!

Categories:Company News Author: Time of issue:2024-04-27-04

On 26th April. Enershare welcomes a visit from Netherlands customers. Our sale engineers Stella & Sammy took customers to the factory to learn first-hand about Enershare home energy storage system and industrial and commercial energy storage system;


In the course of this period, by visiting the factory's production process and professional R&D team, customers expressed strong interest in industrial and commercial energy storage systems, Our BESS(Battery Energy Storage System)is uses the 3rd generation modular containerized. Design optimization cuts lead time by1/2 (VS traditional BESS structure)


Our technical advantages in industrial and commercial energy storage systems allow both parties to have a great willingness to conduct in-depth cooperation and are very optimistic about the development of the Netherlands renewable energy market.



This visit from Netherlands customers allows us to see more and more customers' recognition of Enershare's products and technologies, as well as their vision for the renewable energy market; Enershare will continue to be committed to the expansion of the renewable energy market and promote the vigorous development of the renewable energy field.


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