48V 51.2V 100ah lithium battery pack 5KWh lithium battery solar battery for house

BK100 is a 48V 100Ah lifepo4 battery pack with BYDC47 cell, touch screen design, capacity of 5KWh for energy storage between home solar energy storage systems and inverters.

Product description

The battery module consists of single LFP cells, wire, BMS and container.

● Packed with high performance LFP single cell, long life, safety and wide temperature range

● High energy density, small size, light weight, no pollution

● Packing with single cell container, fire retardant wire and laser welding, stable and safe

● Built-in BMS, with battery voltage, current, temperature and health management

● LED indicate the battery SOC and operating status

● LCD Screen display the battery voltage, current, temp.,SOC detail information

● Support communicate with solar inverter bu CAN or RS485

● Update software by RS485 port

● Flexible customization of dimensions

● More than 5 years design life

● Stable performance, maintenance-free


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