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Enershare successfully solves after-sales problems for Nigerian customers !!!

Categories:Company News Author: Time of issue:2024-04-11-02

In March 2024, Enershare Energy successfully solved the after-sales problem of the energy storage system of a dairy farm. Enershare dispatched professional engineers and after-sales teams to actively participate in solving customer after-sales problems. After in-depth inspection and analysis, the problem of energy storage system was finally successfully solved, providing a stable power supply for the customer's dairy farm.


Previously, this project introduced the 话题标签4MWh container energy system provided by us and successfully created a stable, sustainable and green power solution for it. The 话题标签250KW system not only meets the daily power needs of the dairy farm, but also significantly improves the reliability and environmental performance of the operation.

In this project, 话题标签540KWp of solar panels are installed on the roof. These high-efficiency photovoltaic panels provide a steady stream of power to the dairy farm, exceeded power to be stored in the 话题标签container energy system. Through such a setup, it successfully gets rid of the constraints of traditional diesel generators and avoids various risks and problems caused by unstable power grid.


Enershare's container energy system brings many advantages due to its mature technology, high efficiency and stability. First of all, the system is extremely stable and can ensure continuous and stable power supply under any weather conditions. Secondly, the system uses advanced energy storage technology to provide power support for the load during periods of insufficient sunshine or peak power consumption to ensure the continuity of production. Finally, the project uses solar energy, a clean energy source, to achieve green and low-carbon operations and make a positive contribution to environmental protection.

In general, this after-sales service not only solved the power supply problem of the dairy farm, but also brought them significant economic and social benefits. 话题标签Enershare will continue to be committed to providing customers with more efficient, reliable, and environmentally friendly energy solutions, promoting the development of green energy, and continuing to provide more excellent energy storage system solutions and after-sales services to users in Nigeria and around the world.

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