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Enershare Core series battery has been listed on hoymiles inverter match list!

Categories:Company News Author: Time of issue:2024-04-23-01

Recently, Hoymiles has listed Enershare's Energy/Power Core High Voltage battery in their app. This allows users to easily connect the Energy/Power Core to Hoymiles' inverter and select the appropriate battery type——Energy/Power 话题标签CORE 1.0. This recognition from Hoymiles demonstrates Enershare's success in the 话题标签High Voltage Battery Series. Additionally, Energy/Power Core Series also can match other well-known 话题标签inverter brands, including Deye, Sungrow, Goodwe and so on.

Enershare successfully listed Hoymiles inverter.jpg

话题标签Enershare is continuously dedicated to developing and testing, with the goal of making the Energy/Power Core Series the most popular battery in 话题标签Europe.

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