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Enershare warmly welcomes Turkish customers to visit and discuss strategic cooperation!

Categories:Company News Author: Time of issue:2024-04-28-03

On 19th April. Enershare greeted our important Turkish customers. This meet is not only a recognition of our company’s technical competitiveness, but also optimism about the future development of the renewable energy storage industry.


During the exchange, they also learned about our company philosophy and the important five-finger strategy, which gave them a deeper understanding of Enershare. At the same time, they are very interesting our All in One System Battery which is home solar battery storage system.It supports up to 6 units in parallel, with a total capacity of up to 60 kWh. Intelligent temperature control guarantees battery safety and longevity, Cycle life exceeds 6000 cycles for the long-lasting reliability.They also strongly subscribe to the development of renewable energy in the future, which will make our lives more low-carbon and environmental friendly. Finally, they hope to come to our factory in JiangXi next time to see latest products and new processes.


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This visit from Turkish customers marks the further expansion of Enershare’s international market cooperation. It also laid a solid foundation for future cooperation with more international customers. Enershare will continue to be committed to technological innovation and product optimization, continuously improve Enershare's competitiveness in the international market, and jointly create a better tomorrow in the field of clean energy.


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