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Welcome customers from Europe to explore more opportunities with Enershare in the future!

Categories:Company News Author: Time of issue:2023-08-11-09

On Aug 10,2023, Enershare is proudly welcomed a group of esteemed clients from Europe. The purpose of this client visit was to explore and strengthen collaborative opportunities in areas such as BESS(Battery Energy Storage Systems), Household Energy Storage System, EV fast charging, and solar power generation.

Enershare, as a pioneer in the field of renewable resources , has been committed to promoting sustainable development and providing customers with high-quality energy experiences through innovative energy solutions. The European customer visit provides an opportunity for in-depth discussions on how to jointly address the challenges in the energy sector and shape a sustainable and green future together.



During the visit, Enershare's team of experts engaged in profound discussions with European clients regarding topics such as BESS(Battery Energy Storage Systems), household energy storage system,electric vehicle fast charging infrastructure, and solar power generation. Both parties exchanged their respective technologies and experiences, sharing the latest advancements in the clean energy field. Enershare's technical experts elaborated on the company's innovative achievements in lithium battery modules, household energy storage system, and large-scale energy storage systems area, as well as its unique insights into enhancing energy efficiently and promoting renewable energy applications.



Enershare's CEO commented that, "We are honored to host the visit of European clients. This exchange of ideas has provided us with a deeper understanding of customer needs. Leveraging our strengths, we are committed to providing customers with high-quality clean energy solutions and contributing to the energy transition in Europe."


Enershare looks forward to closer collaboration with them in the future, working together to create a brighter tomorrow for the clean energy sector.


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